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Soaker hose and other watering paraphernalia.(Courtesy: Jason Kemp at   Like you, I read articles on lawn and garden care. Many of the articles are quite good and informative and some only give you the bare minimum of information and leave you asking for more. One topic that leaves me wanting more is proper… Read More

Manual reel lawn mower.(Courtesy: Jonas Gunnarsson at So the new year has started and there is about two months lớn go before you start lớn consider cutting the lawn and preparing the yard and garden for the spring. If you are either considering the purchase of a new lawn mower or you are in… Read More

In a previous article, we discussed how one could use a leaf blower lớn clear away light snow. It speeds up a chore that no one really likes lớn do. A leaf blower can be used lớn move away dry, powdery snow from sidewalks, steps, driveways, and vehicles.(Courtesy: Kelly & Debra Fuller on If… Read More

Back in the day when my brother and I were teenagers living in Bethesda Maryland, our mom would assign us chores lớn perform outside the house during growing season. My job was lớn edge and water the lawn; my brother’s chore was lớn clean out the gutters. Cleaning out the gutters was not an easy… Read More

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