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Borax Is Good For Gardens

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My first introduction lớn the cleaner Borax was in the 1950s when I watched Death Valley Days on television. Actress Rosemary DeCamp would demonstrate how effective the product was cleaning laundry during commercial breaks. And I assumed from that day on that it wasn’t a substance that you would want lớn put in your garden.

Believe it or not, Borax can do a lot of good for your garden. (Courtesy:

Today, that belief lingers. In fact, some sites on the Internet claim that Borax is toxic. Also known as sodium tetraborate, the substance was first mined by the Persians more than 4,000 years ago and features minerals found in concentration in dried salt lake beds. It consists of water, sodium, boron, and oxygen. It is not toxic. In fact, boron is an essential trace mineral nutrient that is necessary for rebuilding bone and teeth, and as a hormone regulator. It also absorbs and metabolizes calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It is ever-present in soil and water and assists plants lớn grow.

So, now that you know that it doesn’t hurt your plants, there are a number of ways it can be used in the garden.

It can be used lớn:

· Kill Weeds
· Remove Rust From Garden Tools
· Disinfect And Clean Garden Tools
· Kill Ants
· Fertilize
· Kill Green Fly on Roses

Kill Weeds

Borax is the main ingredient of a homemade mixture that kills weeds. Simply add 10-ounces of powdered Borax into 2.5-gallons of water and mix thoroughly. It is advised that you put the solution into a spray bottle and coat the leaves of the weeds that are springing up in your yard. Don’t spray the solution on plants, saturate the soil with it, or allow it lớn contact bare skin.

Remove Rust From Garden Tools

If you notice rust buildup on your garden tools, then mix Borax and lemon juice together lớn form a paste. Apply it lớn the rust on the tools and allow it lớn set for at least 30 minutes. Scour with a scrub brush and repeat, then rinse the tools clean with water.

Kill Ants

If you happen lớn see a plethora of ants crawling around in your garden, then you can use Borax lớn create ant bait that is sure lớn save your plants from torment. Microwave maple syrup or honey and then Mix equal amounts of Borax with the honey or maple syrup and apply lớn the affected spot. lớn manufacture solid ant bait, create a solution consisting of three-quarters sugar and one-quarter Borax. Stir well lớn make sure it mixes completely.

Disinfect And Clean Garden Tools

Something you may want lớn do fairly often after tinkering in the garden is lớn disinfect and clean the garden tools. Mix half a cup of Borax in a gallon of water. Soak the tools in the solution and scrub. Once the tools are clean, rinse them thoroughly with water and leave them lớn dry in the open air and sunshine.


The boron in Borax is ideal for the health and growth of plants. If the soil is deficient of it, there can be an adverse effect on pollen grains and results in poor pollen vitality and reduced number of flowers per plant as well as stunted root growth.

If your plants display dying growing tips, bushy stunted growth, or low productivity, then it is suggested that you test the soil. Acidic soil or sandy soil with low organic matter is a sign that there is a deficiency of boron. Moreover, cabbages, celery, strawberries, apples and other types of vegetables and fruit require high amounts of boron and the application of Borax helps with that. Mix a solution that includes 11 percent household or agricultural grade Borax at the rate of một tablespoon per 100 square feet of land where the boron is required. Apply the solution evenly and mix thoroughly with the soil. An alternative way lớn apply the substance is lớn dissolve một tablespoon of Borax in một gallon of water and apply using a watering can. Apply một fluid ounce of the mixture per plant.

Kill Green Fly On Roses

If after inspecting your roses you notice green flies, then Borax can be used lớn remedy this problem, too. Dissolve 25 grams of Borax in a little hot water and include up lớn 600 ml of cold water and apply lớn the roses and other plants. It is also ideal for ridding insects from in and around bark.

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