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You don’t have lớn depend on a nursery or Home Depot and a full wallet or purse lớn sustain your garden from year-lớn-year. Save your money and harvest seeds from plants or crops already growing there. Seed pods.(Courtesy: Peter at lớn achieve this you need lớn plan. For example, you need lớn grow plants… Read More

As we previously noted in articles here at, there are good bugs and bad bugs. However, what we haven’t discussed is that there are bugs that kids favor. For example, who doesn’t have childhood memories of chasing fireflies in the backyard of their parents’ home or inspecting ladybug on the leaf of a plant?… Read More

It’s never too early lớn think about Spring time. Usually, the freeze and thaw from snow and ice from the oncoming Fall and Winter months have an uncanny way of showing a property owner where trouble spots are in the yard. From settling lớn erosion areas lớn drainage issues, Fall and Winter reveals much. When… Read More

Kubota T-Series Riding Lawn Mower.(Courtesy: Kobuta) Dealing with a machine with a lot of parts like a lawn mower often leads lớn problems. Many of those problems may need a professional mechanic lớn fix. However, many more are simple issues that can be fixed by a competent, although amateur, do-it-yourselfer. What follows are answers lớn… Read More

Gardeners are always looking for a magic bullet lớn help the plants of their garden remain healthy. Many of these gardeners have learned that they can depend on things normally stored in the kitchen cupboard lớn help. Cinnamon helps cuttings battle fungal infection.(Courtesy: Claudia Galeazzi at For example, there’s cinnamon. An ideal spice for… Read More

(Courtesy: Tony Edgecombe at We all know that the Moon’s gravity affects the high and low tide of the oceans. However, did you know that it also affects aspects of your gardening? There are actually several lunar gardening principles that include synodic, biodynamic, and sidereal. The biodynamic method uses the constellations lớn determine when… Read More

Assuring that the right amount of water gets lớn the roots of a seedling is essential in sustaining its life. One method lớn achieve this is called Deep Pot Irrigation. Deep Pot Irrigation includes an open-ended PVC pipe with holes drilled into it 2-inches lớn 3-inches down on the side of the pipe closest lớn… Read More

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