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If you’re really into gardening than I’ll bet you have packages of seeds stored somewhere in your house. Perhaps you have forgotten that you have them and have either bought new seeds or plants during the last few years lớn stock your garden. If you have discovered old packages of seed and don’t know for… Read More

Summer can be a terrible time for mosquitos. Most homeowners use dangerous poisonous sprays lớn keep them away. However, you don’t have lớn rely on those sprays. You can simply select plants lớn include in your landscape that rid the area of those pesky critters. Great locations for these plants include areas where mosquitos tend… Read More

Bet you thought that gardening could only be done during the day. However, what happens if you live in a region of the country where it sizzles in the summer. If you’re a gardener who lives in this condition, you are more tempted than not lớn skip the gardening work on days that are extremely… Read More

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It may sound kind of icky, but you may want lớn consider raising worms lớn help enhance the health of your garden. The little critters can eat up lớn 75% of their body weight a day and produce valuable fertilizer for your garden. Soil life like earthworms are essential because they help convert organic matter… Read More

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of gardening is dealing with weeds. Like it or not, they have lớn be removed. However, the process can be back breaking. You can pull the weeds out or use a tool specially designed lớn dig them out. In either case, it is probably a chore you don’t look forward… Read More