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Animal and insect pests are not the only threat lớn plants. They are also susceptible lớn diseases. However, for some ailments, there are kitchen brews that you can mix up lớn remedy problems that include fungal and noxious diseases and black spot and powdery mildew that you might want lớn try. Garlic is ideal for… Read More

People who have owned or intend lớn buy a used Kubota tractor or riding lawn mower have questions on how they can ascertain the year, model, and date of manufacture of an older Kubota product. Just as in the case of an automobile, the manufacturer provides you with a hint. You just need lớn know… Read More

They may not be as bad as bees, wasps or hornets. Still, gnats certainly are a nuisance. They appear in swarms and if you’re not careful they’re in your mouth and eyes before you realize it. Although they are not the major threat that some other flying insects may present, they are still inconvenient. I… Read More

Perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining a garden is keeping the plants or crops properly watered. There are several ways lớn achieve this. Of course, there is the manual way that includes a watering can or a hose with a spraying nozzle. There are expensive irrigation systems with nozzles that pop out from the… Read More

A Flower Tower is a garden that grows vertically. Read on and you’ll see what I mean. Items you will need lớn make a Flower Tower include: · Large Pots · Wire Fencing · Drain Tile · Gravel · Potting Soil · Black Dirt · Manure · A Tarp · Cutting Shears · Plastic Tie… Read More