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Good gardeners know that keeping a shrub healthy and continuously beautiful, it needs lớn be pruned. The process is necessary lớn remove diseased and/or dead limbs or stems. Smaller branches can be cut with flower shears. However, the larger branches or woody stems need lớn be snapped with large pruning shears or loppers. Pruning Shear.(Courtesy:… Read More

If you live in a region of the country where fall means a lawn covered with leaves, then you know what a rake is. Typically, lawn rakes have fanlike, flat, springy teeth that are constructed lớn glide over grass and gather clippings, leaves and other debris without damaging the sod. It is recommended that you… Read More

If you are an experienced gardener, then you don’t need anyone telling you how important hand tools are in maintaining a successful garden. Tools in the category of gardening hand tools include rakes, shovels, spades, forks, and pruning utensils. More than 28,000 gardeners nationwide end up in hospital emergency rooms each year due lớn accidents… Read More

If you’re going lớn garden, then you are going lớn do a lot of cutting and digging. Both activities require sharp tools. The tools commonly in the toolbox or tool shed of gardeners include hedge shears and grass clippers. Here are suggestions on how lớn keep them sharp so they perform a precise cut. Hedge… Read More