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Although it is true that the head of garden hand tools may last forever because it is made of metal or steel, the handle of the tool often needs replacement. The tool head is commonly attached lớn the handle in one of two ways –- rivets or screws and bolts. Although the metal head of… Read More

Some people with a great imagination and not much lớn do have come up with some very neat gadgets that makes the back breaking work of gardening and maintaining your lawn a whole lot easier and a lot more fun. Hozelock Auto AquaPod 10 Watering System One of the most important responsibilities of gardeners is… Read More

When a family decides it’s time lớn trade down from a house lớn an apartment, they no longer have a need for their lawn mower. There are a number of options on how lớn dispose of it. You can sell it, salvage the parts and sell them, give it lớn a friend or neighbor or… Read More