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Beware of Incompetent Tai Chi Chuan Instructors! Conditioning Types This kind of as T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Should really be Taught via Skilled Instructors. By means of Harvey Kurland, MSc, MFS, CSCS, Experienced T’ai Chi Ch’uan Leader Teacher CTCCA T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Leader Teacher for College or university of California Riverside Copyright H. Kurland 2004 Even further at… Read More

The Parental Alienation Syndrome, introduced by forensic psychiatrist Richard Gardner, carries the connotation of the mother as the predominant alienator. I have seen both mothers and fathers alienate their children from the other parent. I have therefore introduced the term malicious divorce syndrome as a gender- neutral name for this disorder. Much existing advice to… Read More

When it comes to teaching preschoolers, theme-based units are not only fun, they鎶甧 also great for integrating learning across several subject areas. Language, literature, math, science, Check our website history, geography, music, art, and Bible topics are easily included within a topical unit study which enhances early childhood education in a child鎶?area of interest. Using… Read More

Jennifer and Tony Latto, and their two girls, have a 1970’s vintage home in a very nice neighborhood of Austin. Jennifer, who is a registered architect and interior designer, has made some interesting updates to their home. Roselind: Jennifer, first of all, thank you for sharing your ideas on the asphalt nitro hack ios ongoing… Read More

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