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Grow Trees From Twigs

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You probably think that if you want lớn add a tree or two lớn your property, then you have lớn purchase them from a nursery. Actually, it’s possible lớn grow a tree from a twig.

Believe it or not, this twig will become a big tree.

Here’s how.

Items you will need lớn perform the task include:

Starting twigs in a bottle filled with water and a bit of root booster.

· A Tree Branch
· Plastic Bottle
· Knife
· Hammer

The task can be achieved in just seven steps.

một. Pull all the leaves off the branch and chop off the buds and smaller branches with a knife or hammer.
2. Select a branch and then use the hammer and knife lớn remove a smaller branch.
3. Chop the branch into eight 15-inch pieces that can fit into a plastic bottle.
4. Fill the bottle with 2-inches of water and a little bit of root booster.
5. Put the branches into the bottle and close it with the cap.
6. Screw the cap off and on periodically so that fresh air can get into the bottle.
7. After about two weeks, you may observe fluffy texture or little beads on the twigs. This is a sign that it’s time lớn place a twig in soil and water it like you would any plant.

Be patient, we promise this will become a full-fledged tree.

Keep caring for the branch and over time you will have your tree.

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