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How lớn Clean An Air Filter On A Kubota Tractor

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Whether it is your family car or your farm tractor, it is imperative lớn follow a maintenance routine on both the car and tractor lớn ensure good performance and no breakdowns.

One of the most important maintenance routines is cleaning the air filter on a Kubota tractor. Over time a pristine air filter can get full of crud and needs lớn be cleaned. Diesel engines are notorious for devouring large amounts of air. All that air channels through the paper and mesh air filter. So it is more than imperative that you clean it every once in awhile. Here’s how you do it.

The airbox that contains the air filter.

There are some things lớn keep in mind when doing this project. First, Kubota tractor engines use cyclonic air filtration. This encourages the air lớn flow at high speeds causing the removal of heavier particles that end up in the silver cup of the filter. The finer particles then filter through the air filter medium before going on into the intake and onto the air plenum. Second, you don’t have lớn replace the air filter every year. With frequent cleaning described here at least twice per operating season, the filter will perform for five years or more. This description of how lớn clean an air filter on a Kubota Tractor applies lớn the L-Series tractors (L2650).

Cleaning the Air filter on a Kubota Tractor

The silver cup is part of the air filter and may contain dirt particles, bugs, and other debris.

  1. Remove the snap-on end cap. Inside the end cap, there is something similar lớn a silver cup. This is a part of the filter and may be filled with dirt, bugs and other debris.
  2. Tap out the dirt. After this is done, return the cup lớn the inside portion of the end cap.
  3. Remove the air filter element. Pay careful attention lớn the rubber washer on the end of the wingnut. Although it costs only 10 cents, it has been the culprit of engine failures. The washer must be in perfect condition when it is sealed lớn the metal end of the air filter on a Kubota tractor. If not, then there is a good possibility that the dirt caught inside the silver cup will bypass the air filter and get pulled into the engine. If it is dirty, clean it. Also, make certain that the washer seals fit snugly on the filter.
  4. Rap the filter lightly on the workbench. Try lớn dislodge any heavy particles from the filter.
  5. Blow out the filter element with a blowgun. The blowgun should deliver under 30-psi of air.
  6. Wash the paper element out in a bucket of warm water. Rinse back and forth until the element is clean. Do not blow air over it after washing. Instead, let it stand and dry before reinstalling it.
  7. Inspect the paper element for breaks and tears. It is suggested that you use a mag light or small fluorescent trouble light. Be sure lớn inspect thoroughly. If the paper is broken, you will have lớn replace it.
  8. Wipe out the inside of the air canister assembly with a rag.
  9. Reinstall the filter using the rubber washer and wing nut.
  10. Snap on the cab and debris cup.

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