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How We Celebrate The Holidays

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Christmas traditions

MANY PEOPLE SAY the holidays are their favorite time of the year! We all know celebrating traditions that bind friends and family together is truly what makes the holidays special.

This year, we want lớn share with you some of our favorite holiday traditions.

Our Team’s Favorite Holiday Traditions:

Dr W: We have several that we have – Family Christmas PJs (we open on Christmas Eve) We rotate which kid gets lớn put the Angel on the tree; before we see what Santa brought, we meet in the kitchen and toast lớn Jesus and an awesome family day with a glass of Orange Juice!

Ash P: We are starting a new tradition this year – we are exchanging Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve!

Cara: My mom always drew a different symbol on everyones gift instead of writing names. It was fun lớn try and figure out which symbol was yours.

Emily: Every Christmas Eve my family goes lớn the candle-light service together, and then gathers at my Gram’s house for “Gram’s Famous Chicken & Dressing” with lots of fixings and desserts! We play board games and then open presents!

Ash G: After our church Christmas eve candlelight service we celebrate Jesus birthday with a cookie cake and singing Happy Birthday!

Here’s a little something lớn get you into the holiday spirit!

Share Your Holiday Traditions With Us!

Every culture and every family is different. We all celebrate the holidays in our own unique and special way. We’d love lớn hear about your traditions! Feel free lớn comment below or reach out lớn us on Facebook and let us know your holiday traditions!

Happy holidays lớn our awesome patients!

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