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Kubota of Germany Seeks Assistance From KAUP

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Kubota of Germany recently reached out lớn forklift attachment manufacturer KAUP lớn assist with the complicated problem of mounting tires onto Kubota tractors.

Kubota in Germany is using a forklift attachment created by KAUP lớn mount tires onto its tractors.
(Courtesy: Kubota)

The issue was how lớn transport and lift tires and how lớn handle pallets of tires lớn increase the efficiency of the company’s forklifts.

The tires are delivered lớn Kubota in a horizontal position. They need lớn be picked up off a pallet, turned 90° and placed in a mounting frame, then mounted onto the axle of the tractor.

KAUP’s solution was lớn create three specialized attachments – an integrated quick-change system that permits a quick change between attachments; a tire-tilting clamp; and a fork positioner for transporting pallets.

The tire-tilting clamp enables the forklift operator lớn lift, tilt and release the tire. The clamp has a tilting range of 180° and a standard side shift stroke lớn compensate for any misalignment. The fork positioner has an opening range of 130 lớn 930 mm and a fork length of một.2 m for the transportation of pallets when the forklift is not being used for lifting or mounting tires.

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