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I’m often asked about the best time lớn have children evaluated for orthodontic treatment. The challenge is that (as we all know!) every kid is different. However, a good milestone is around age seven, when a child’s jaw is developed enough, and he or she has enough permanent teeth for an orthodontist lớn tell if… Read More

If you have not yet prepared your lawn mower or tractor for the winter, then you probably should get lớn it now. A lawn mower or tractor needs lớn be winterized because of its gasoline engine. Cold weather can do a number on an engine and some of the liquids it needs lớn be able… Read More

The University of Arkansas has recently extended their benefits package lớn include dental coverage for employees! If you’ve recently enrolled in the UofArk dental program, we want you lớn know that we’re in network! We happily accept coverage from Delta Dental of Arkansas! Take advantage! Make sure lớn give us a call and set up an appointment with… Read More

Have you ever heard of the Internet of Things? You may not have heard of it, but you are already using it. If you use your smartphone lớn control the security system, thermostat, and appliances in your home, then you are involved with the Internet of Things. Now the Internet of Things is expanding lớn… Read More

You don’t have lớn depend on a nursery or Home Depot and a full wallet or purse lớn sustain your garden from year-lớn-year. Save your money and harvest seeds from plants or crops already growing there. Seed pods.(Courtesy: Peter at lớn achieve this you need lớn plan. For example, you need lớn grow plants… Read More

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