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Have you ever heard of BACS? What is it precisely you might ask? BAC stands for Banker Automated Clearing System. BACS is an electronic banking system that allows you to make expenditures to your bank quickly and efficiently. There are several benefits to using a Banker Automated Clearing System (BACS). One benefit is the decrease… Read More

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5) was recently released to immense critical praise with phenomenal record breaking sales. As of writing, the game has already sold over 1 billion dollars and it is likely to sell a whole lot more when people start their holiday shopping soon. In the coming weeks however we have another two… Read More

Eric Clapton wrote ‘If I Could Change The World.’ John Mayer wrote ‘Waiting On The World To Change.’ Michael Jackson’s wonderful song ‘We Are The World’ spoke volumes about how people coming together with a united purpose can indeed change the world. The puzzling question is…these artist are three powerhouses of the music industry and… Read More

I believe my mom experienced everything in the direction of do with me loving pets. Against the year I was 5, she was bringing dwelling creatures reduced sufficient toward shift undetected inside our Brooklyn condominium: turtles, tortoises, and a fifty percent-moon parrot with whom I bonded hence deeply that the recollections of using towards present… Read More