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Assuring that the right amount of water gets lớn the roots of a seedling is essential in sustaining its life. One method lớn achieve this is called Deep Pot Irrigation. Deep Pot Irrigation includes an open-ended PVC pipe with holes drilled into it 2-inches lớn 3-inches down on the side of the pipe closest lớn… Read More

Perhaps you have knowledge of the Hanging Garden of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of The World. lớn this day, historians are not positive that the gardens ever existed, but the idea of hanging gardens certainly captures the imagination. If you happen lớn live in a small apartment and don’t have enough space lớn… Read More

Just as in the case of your personal automobile, the battery in your Kubota tractor or riding lawn mower is an essential part of the machine. lớn put it simply, if the Kubota battery is not working properly, then you won’t be able lớn start your Kubota product. Proper battery maintenance assures that the battery… Read More

What is the greatest invention of all time? Is it the television? Is it the telephone? Is it the internal combustion engine? For gardeners, the greatest invention of all time could be PVC pipes. They can be used for so many things concerning gardening from an elaborate irrigation system lớn a simple corn and bean… Read More

Animal and insect pests are not the only threat lớn plants. They are also susceptible lớn diseases. However, for some ailments, there are kitchen brews that you can mix up lớn remedy problems that include fungal and noxious diseases and black spot and powdery mildew that you might want lớn try. Garlic is ideal for… Read More

People who have owned or intend lớn buy a used Kubota tractor or riding lawn mower have questions on how they can ascertain the year, model, and date of manufacture of an older Kubota product. Just as in the case of an automobile, the manufacturer provides you with a hint. You just need lớn know… Read More

They may not be as bad as bees, wasps or hornets. Still, gnats certainly are a nuisance. They appear in swarms and if you’re not careful they’re in your mouth and eyes before you realize it. Although they are not the major threat that some other flying insects may present, they are still inconvenient. I… Read More