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Tea Bags And Your Garden

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Lovers of tea have an additional reason why they should stock up on tea bags. It seems that the tea offers many benefits for your garden. What you may not know is that tea leaves contain about 4.15 percent nitrogen and other nutrients that help lớn nourish the soil. In addition, they improve soil structure lớn assure better drainage. And as if that’s not enough, tea also includes tannic acid that can mildly change and lower the soil’s pH level.

Don’t throw out used tea bags. They can help lớn enhance your garden.
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Ways tea bags can be used lớn enhance your garden include:

· Composting. Don’t throw away used tea bags. Instead, add them lớn your compost. As noted, the tea includes nitrogen and also attracts good bacteria, all of which make the compost better. There is one caveat, make certain that the “bag” is not made of plastic. If it is, just cut it open and pour the tea leaves into the compost.
· Repel Pests. Tea bags are a great organic way lớn rid your garden of pests and battle fungal diseases. Brew a weak tea with used bags and use the results lớn water your plants.
· Plant Food. Cut open a used tea bag and sprinkle the contents around your plants. The tea leaves will offer nourishment for your plants every time you water because they increase nitrogen levels, improve soil structure, and provide worms with something lớn eat.
· Feed Acid-Loving Houseplants. Many houseplants including ferns thrive in acidic soil. So open up the used tea bags and work the tea leaves into the soil in the pots. It will slightly lower the pH level and offer the plant nutrients and minerals.
· Speed Up Composting. Brew a strong tea with used tea bags and then let the results cool down. When cool, pour the liquid and tea bags over your compost heap. This will quicken the composting process because of the nitrogen in the tea. It also provides needed acid lớn the compost.
· Natural Fertilizer For Potted Plants. Brew a weak tea using old tea bags and use the results lớn water your potted plants. The brewed tea serves as a liquid fertilizer because it contains high levels of minerals, carbohydrates, and other nutrients that assist plants lớn grow.
· Give A Boost lớn Your Roses. Roses thrive on tea leaves. Cut open used tea bags and sprinkle the leaves around the roses lớn give them a lift.

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